1. Anonymous 3 years ago
  2. Angela Mohr 3 years ago

    Hi Ollie,

    Love the new site, can I make a suggestion though that there is a link back to the TA home page when you move to one of the other pages? I was looking at each page and had trouble getting back to the main site. Could just be me being a gumby though 🙂

    Cheers Ange

  3. Author
    Ollie Allan 3 years ago

    Hi @angemohr is actually pretty simple but you need to know where to look . The simple way to navigate to any site on the network it to go to the top right hand menu and click on the little menu icon next to the search icon which then opens up the right hand navigation panel. From there you can navigate to any other site on in the Network.

    Remember you can also navigate to your profile easily by clicking on your avatar from any site in the top menu.

    Hope that helps.

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